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Mapacho (nicotiana rustica) and master plants

Nicotiana rustica from Peru

This also said that the snuff helps invoke the power of other herbs. The natives talk about other “spirits” of plants sympathizing with the spirit of Snuff. Anyone who participates in the ceremony of Ayahuasca, for example, you can see the healer  smoking snuff and often participates in the ritual of smoking among all members . The healer believes that spirits of the plants are helped by the snuff. Snuff can clear the ceremonial space energies and allow the healer to enter a space where healing can occur. On a scientific level, this could be explained as the snuff contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) that help dimethyltryptamine (DMT) thatthe  ayahuasca brew is effective. Hence the snuff can significantly increase the experience of Ayahuasca ceremony.
Snuff also be ground into a fine powder and is inhaled . This was actually the most common way of taking snuff between the Americans and the European newcomers. The snuff can be taken pure or mixed with other plants to produce the desired results. The snuff is often applied using a long tube in which a person blows the nose snuff another. A common name for this snuff is RAPE. 

Taken this way, the snuff has the effect of purging the nostrils, releasing mucus and phlegm, and also tends to focus on its recipient, clearing the mindAnother way for experience snuff, and / or far the most powerful one , is when a  BREW similar to tea is mixed with Snuff and is consume drinking it . When we speak of snuff and medicine, as a teacher, and their ability to cure the disease, this is the way it has more power. The drink is a very powerful and very effective purgative  cleaning the bowel , blood and body, including parasites, viruses and bacterias .Moreover, in the mental / emotional level, the snuff has a clarifying and centralizing effect. When people drink often speak with great clarity. Unlike other powerful plants such as ayahuasca, which often tends to move people to other states of consciousness, snuff, taken in this way, leaves one feeling very present and connected to mother earth with a very Strong clarity and understanding of the nature of life and of itself. Participating in a ceremony snuff it is considered by many tribes to be the most powerful way to learn the world of plants. The snuff is considered the grand master and the greatest healer. Like any master plant , it should be taken only with someone who has experience in working in this because the effects can be potentially dangerous if not administered correctly.

Snuff has become a very maligned plant. Unfortunately, when we speak of snuff which often are referred to cigarettes. Cigarettes are usually made with snuff leaves of very low quality. Snuff leaves are often grown with a lot of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Cigarettes also typically contain about 70% of snuff, leaving an additional 30% chemical. In fact, the standard cigarette has over 600 chemicals added to it. When are burned, the 600 are now 4000. Many of the chemicals found in cigarettes are known carcinogens, substances known to cause cancer. The snuff has been used medicinally for thousands of years. His sacred and medicinal properties have been used to learn and heal many indigenous peoples over time. Pure Snuff, natural snuff, as mapacho was never associated with the disease; on the contrary, it is associated with sanctuary , divine, learning and healing.

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