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Mapacho tobacco
Organic, without artificial chemical, fresh, sustainable
"Future of the amazon"
By buying products harvested by the different villages of the Peruvian Amazon, you contribute to the economic growth of the region.
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Mapacho N. Rustica

Our mapacho logs are made entirely by hand using ancient techniques. 
Learn a little about Peruvian tobacco, harvest and the Amazonian town where the best tobacco in Peru comes from.

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"Our Native tobacco Mahuizo is characterized by its quality, aroma and flavor." - Don Manuel

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el mapacho

The mapacho and Peruvian Natives communities from the Amazon river.

 Native N. Rustica is cultivated for ” traditional and mystical purposes ” around at the same time that the tropical agricultural forest in Sout…

Our Native mapacho

N. Rustica VS Industrial snuff

The fundamental difference between the shamanic use of snuff and consumption of industrial cigarettes is that the Amazon snuff is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and does not contain any of the ingredients that are added to cigarettes such as aluminum oxide, nitrate potassium, ammonium phosphate, polyvinyl acetate and others which make up about …

Get to know the town of Mahuizo

17 hours from the city of Pucallpa, navigating the Ucayali River, we arrive at the town of Mahuizo, characterized by its mapachos