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The fundamental difference between the shamanic use of snuff and consumption of industrial cigarettes is that the Amazon snuff is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and does not contain any of the ingredients that are added to cigarettes such as aluminum oxide, nitrate potassium, ammonium phosphate, polyvinyl acetate and others which make up about ten percent of the whole cigarette. During smoking, a cigarette releases four thousand substances, most toxic.

Among these substances, some are even radioactive, making cigarettes the main source of radiation in the everyday life of an average smoker. According to a research, Smoking one to two packs per day equals in radioactivity to two hundred and fifty lung radiographs per year. Cigarette smoke is directly involved in over twenty serious diseases, which seventeen are types of cancer. By contrast, Amazonian snuff is considered as a remedy.

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Snuff or Mapacho tobacco as it is known in the Amazon area , is the sacred medicine of the people across the America continent . It is often said that the snuff is the plant called “Grandpa” by which all other plants gradually emerged. In the Amazon, the snuff has an almost universal appeal as medicine, among most of the indigenous groups. It is made in different ways, either smoked, snorted, or drunk. When we use smoking as a way of cleasing energy; space and a person. In North America the passage of the pipe is a symbol of this type of use. When important decisions were to be made, before anyone spoke, he and the entire group inhale snuff pipe first. Thus, it was said that the man was going to speak straight from his heart and therefore , he will tell the truth.

The Synergy of Mapacho and Ayahuasca

Mapacho and Ayahuasca often go hand in hand in Amazonian ceremonies. Mapacho is used to prepare and purify the space, and its grounding effects help individuals anchor themselves during the Ayahuasca journey. The synergy between these two sacred plants is believed to enhance the overall experience, allowing participants to connect with the spirit world with clarity and reverence.

Visiting the Amazon and partaking in Mapacho and Ayahuasca ceremonies offers a unique opportunity to engage with indigenous traditions that have been preserved for generations. These experiences not only provide profound insights into the mysteries of the Amazon but also encourage a deep appreciation for the importance of preserving the rainforest and its invaluable cultural heritage.

Mapacho and Ayahuasca are two sacred plants that serve as gateways to the spiritual world and hold a central place in Amazonian traditions. They offer a profound and transformative journey for those seeking spiritual growth, healing, and a deeper connection with the natural world. As global interest in these sacred traditions grows, it is crucial to approach them with respect, responsibility, and a commitment to preserving the cultural and environmental integrity of the Amazon rainforest.

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